Alëna Olasyuk


“Les Moments”

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In BA YAN KA LA Self-discovery exhibition, artists explore the theme of Self-Discovery.

For Alëna that means finding equilibrium in life, using a wood canvas as her medium to carve patterns and symbols, then inking them into patterns on white paper.

Alna’s attachment to jet black Chinese ink stems from a young age. Her father, a pilot in the Russian Far East, would draw his adventures with black pen and pencils in his sketchbook.

Having loved to pour over these drawings in her childhood, Alëna now loves to explore the art of black and white.

Daily Routine

Alna wakes up at 6.37 a.m. thanks to her inner clock and gets straight to work. She calls this “the holy time”, a sliver of morning where her phone stays on silent and she can focus. The resulting work embodies themes of meditation, a reflection upon the inner self and control.

She explains her work as a composition of visual balance, “Not too much, not too little.”

She finds balance works best in dichromatic black and white, while the repetitive patterns emulate vibrations. For her patterns, Alëna is particularly drawn to the circle, representing wholeness.


In the BA YAN KA LA Self-Discovery exhibition, Alna is exhibiting a piece titled “Heaven Earth Oneness,” where a square represents Earth and circle the Universe.

“Standing grounded, we peer out towards the universe while also embracing its vastness within us. When we take this path to understanding ourselves, we understand the Universe.”

In Heaven Earth Oneness, Alëna uses a woodcarving technique to create Earth and Heaven in harmony, destined as One.

This composition process requires coordination of body, soul and mind -- a spiritual discipline that’s more than just painting.