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“I'm passionate to bring fun and active lifestyle for women at all ages.”

Elva Li, Founder Versus Fitness

What's your secret of staying healthy on a busy day?

Definitely a workout! Good thing is I work at a fitness studio lol.

When I feel like it is getting a bit too much, a quick sweat session is all I need to get the energy back

How do you maintain your daily health?

I do a green smoothie every morning and 10min meditation daily. I have short attention span in terms of sports so I alternative between boxing, yoga, rowing and running.

What motivate you to create Versus Motivation to Versus is for sure PASSION! I'm passionate to bring active lifestyle for women at all ages. I love to share my fitness journey with everyone.

Which classes would you encourage readers to try outAll of them haha! We've got V-Sexy, V-Slim, V-Strong and V-Soulful classes. Depends on your mood!

What's your secret to de-stressing?

My tips to eliminate stress is to try to find a positive side in all aspects of life. If it rains, you get to wear your new cute rain boots. Not that hard!

Why is Versus different from other gym?
We focus on female only. We focus on efficient, fun workouts designed just for ladies. Also, I might be the only studio owner that dislike conventional fitness center, so we focus more on personalisation than traditional gyms.

Why you select BA YAN KA LA for your bathroom amenities?

I feel BA YAN KA LA has a spirit that fits Versus so well. The dedication to find the best and most elegant for clients. Plus the founder is awesome!

What do you like most about BA YAN KA LA?

I love both Puer and Tibetan Roseroot scent. Just instantly put me in such a good mood!

What have your clients said about BA YAN KA LA?

Many have mentioned the product has a fresh and soothing factor on them that they love!